Routine lube, oil, & filter changes

Although car manufacturers feel that oil changes are not needed every 3,000 miles, I have been in the business for over 30 years and do not agree with this. I recommend vehicles using regular grade oil to change the oil & filter every 3,000 miles. For synthetic oil, every 5,000-6,000 miles. In my professional opinion, infrequent oil changes can still lead to sludge build up and may cause internal engine problems. In addition, at our shop, regular oil & filter changes are accompanied by a 31 point courtesy check, which ensures that a professional mechanic is looking at your engine, tires, belts, hoses, battery, brakes, etc to give you a full report on when your scheduled maintenance is due and addresses any problems before they cause mechanical failure that might leave you stranded.


A fuel filter’s purpose is to trap any large particles to prevent them from going into the engine. As a general rule, I recommend changing this filter regularly, or every 15,000 – 20,000 miles. Air Filters: The air filter’s function is to filter air coming into the engine. It will help run cleaner air into the engine. I recommend replacing this at least once/year (or sooner if it becomes dirty or clogged). Cabin air filter: Most people haven’t heard of this filter. It filters and traps dust, pollen, bacteria, and exhaust gases that may find a way into your vehicle’s ventilation system. This filter helps make the air in the interior of your car a healthier place. I would recommend changing this filter once/year or more often if you or family members suffer from allergies and dust.

NJ Emissions Repair Facility

We are a NJ licensed emission repair facility. This means if your vehicle has failed NJ state inspection, we are licensed and able to repair your vehicle in order for it to pass inspection. If your car failed inspection, and you would like us to take a look at it and give you an estimate on the necessary repair, we will need the failure papers you received at the inspection facility.

Tire rotations

As a general rule, I recommend you rotate your tires every 5,000-6,000 miles to get the most life out of your tires. However, tires can wear unevenly for many reasons. The most common reason is the alignment. With that being said, if the alignment is out of specifications, I would recommend an alignment as well. But for ordinary wear, without any front end issues, a tire rotation is all that you would need.

Service, Check Engine, & Warning Lights

For most motorists, a check engine light coming on is a frustrating & confusing indication light. The check engine light is indicative of a host of malfunctions. Below are the most common causes of the light coming on.

Tune Ups and Scheduled maintenance services

Tune ups are part of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. We will check out your vehicle and recommend service based on the wear and need of the individual parts. These services may include spark plugs, wires, and filters (see filters for individual filter recommendations).

NJ State Inspections

NJ State Inspections are required every 2 years (new cars don’t require an inspection for 5 years). Please bring your driver’s license, registration, and insurance card. NOTE: vehicles must be registered every year.

Power steering fluid flush

This service, I feel, is not imperative unless the fluid is contaminated. However, if the fluid is contaminated, most likely there is a problem with the rack & pinion or the power steering pump.

Brake fluid flush

Brake fluid can become dirty or have moisture in it (which can cause rust). Both of these conditions can lead to a braking system with compromised effectiveness. I recommend this service approximately every 30,000 miles or sooner if it’s contaminated or dirty upon inspection.

Coolant flush

A coolant flush & fill is basic maintenance and a vital one at that. This will ensure maximum performance of your vehicle’s heating & cooling system. Frequency of this service depends on the type of coolant in your vehicle.

Transmission services

ranks Auto Repair recommends transmission service every 20,000-30,000 miles for standard transmission fluid and every 45,000-60,000 for synthetic fluid.


H&K and Sons Collision Specialist sells Interstate batteries and have most sizes in stock. These batteries come with a 2 year replacement for free warranty if the battery fails within the first 2 years. Then the warranty is prorated after 2 years.


H&K and Sons Collision Specialist can get most brands and sizes of tires. Most we can have the same day. Uncommon sizes or special orders may take a couple of days.


Common Reasons to have your brakes checked: High-pitched squeal, Grinding noise, Pulsing or vibration in brake pedal or steering wheel, Brake light service message appearing on your dashboard, No brake pedal pressure, Vehicle not stopping properly.


H&K and Sons Collision Specialist performs repairs and replacements on clutches and clutch components.

Air conditioning/heating

H&K and Sons Collision Specialist can perform checks on the performance of your vehicle’s a/c and heating systems. We can address and repair any problems there might be.

Oil leaks

Oil Leaks can happen in many places. However, below are the more common causes: Worn pistons and rings, Bad or worn gaskets, Oil plug not secure, Oil filter not seated properly or missing gasket, High oil pressure, Oil coolant line corroded or leaking.

Exhaust, including custom

H&K and Sons Collision Specialist has the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your exhaust needs.

Fuel injection systems

A dirty fuel injector can cause misfiring, hard starting, stalling, hesitation, and check engine light. If you experience any of these symptoms, the fuel injectors may be the problem.

Starters & Alternators

Components such as Starters and Alternators help to start your vehicle’s engine and keep it running. Some common systems of a problem in your system may be: No crank or slow crank when you turn the ignition key, An electrical system dashboard light that remains on (usually the battery light), Loss of power in accessories or erratic electrical system function, Blown fuses.


H&K and Sons Collision Specialist offers flatbed towing services; however, we are not affiliated with AAA.


Rust & sludge can form in your cooling system, which is why regularly flushing your radiator is important maintenance. If your radiator is not functioning properly, we can address that issue as well.

Windshields/windows installed

H&K and Sons Collision Specialist offers windshield and window glass replacement.


H&K and Sons Collision Specialist uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and software to diagnose your vehicle’s problem as efficiently as possible.

Bulb replacements

H&K and Sons Collision Specialist Stocks most bulbs and lamps; however, we can have most at our shop fairly quickly if we need to order them.

Full Collision Services by our Collision Division Northeast Collision, Inc.

Northeast Collision, Inc. is a full service auto body facility. We can repair both foreign and domestic vehicles, and our services range from fixing small scratches or dings to full frame replacements. If your vehicle requires involved mechanical repairs as well, our auto repair division, Frank’s Auto Repair, can take care of that aspect of the repair.

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